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Each week, here at Dentistry Support we host online courses for your Dental Office to Participate in. They are always online so they can be enjoyed or viewed from anywhere.  Here are some fun facts about our online courses. 

1. You do not need to be a current client or enrolled in Dentistry Support to attend.
2. The courses are recorded and a link to the recorded course is emailed to you directly after it ends.
3. You have unlimited viewing abilities of that video for up to one year from the date of purchase.
4. Our online courses are held every Wednesday from 11:00AM PST to 12:00PM PST.
5. Our topics are different each week and follow this schedule:

  •      1st Week of the Month: Servant Leadership
  •      2nd Week of the Month: Dental Insurance AR
  •      3rd Week of the Month: Dental Insurance Eligibility
  •      4th Week of the Month: HIPAA 
  •      5th Week of the Month: Dental Office Phone/Follow Up

6. We always include motivation as part of our online course to encourage you in your dental business. There are many tips and tricks we share as far as codes, billing and overall office management. 
7. Our courses run from 45-60 minutes. We never run over 60 minutes. 
8. If you join one of our classes and then choose to join support with us, we will take $250 off your first month of support.
9. All courses are $250 per course for up to 10 participants. If you have more than 10, please let us know.  Each additional person is $25. 
10. Once you submit the form below, your card will be processed for the cost of the course. There are no refunds.

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